Monday, October 26, 2009

Spooky Chemistry

At the Spooky Chemistry lab at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham I got to sit beside the spooky ghost and the mad scientist.

This looks spooky. I got to learn about glow in the dark stuff. Sometimes things glow after the light goes out. Other times, they go off when the lights go out.

I got to write in invisible paint. We used laundry stuff to make it invisible until we put it under the blue (black) light.

This is an ice cube in water. Can you see that it's kindof glowing?

I call this the soap pumpkin because he's got soap in him. We watched it explode. His nose was the funniest. It looked like it was bleeding.

I call this the pumpkin chemistry. Do you want to know why? Because in the background there are some little chemistry balls. They look like chemistry pumpkins.

They had a spooky Halloween village. I liked the train. Do you like the train? The train was cool. It went really really fast. It stopped at the torture chamber (orange skull mountain). Johnny kept turning on the buttons when the lights went out. Guess what my favorite thing was? The Scare Fair. It reminded me of the real fair. The lights were really neat.

This is really a cloud. It's really mist. Mist is a water cloud. A cloud is really, really wet. Mom kept blowing the cloud at us.

I was that Wilbur the pig died. We will miss him.

I had a wonderful time at the museum. I hope we go back soon. I hope they have a new Wilbur. Mom says we're going to try to go on the Santa Train. That sounds like fun.