Monday, September 14, 2009

Heroes and Villains

I went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham to see Heroes and Villains on Saturday. Madi came with us. She liked Stormtroopers the best. We watched The Phantom Menace in the car. I like Anakin and watching him pod race. We got our picture taken with Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers. The one bike rider Stormtrooper gave us a card. That was neat. It showed his real face on there and what he looked like in the jungle.

R2D2 is my favorite droid. He can fly with a special gadget. He's got other tools too.

I like the Tie fighter pilot too. He's the one that drives Darth Vader's ships. He wears black instead of white like the storm troopers do.

Darth Vader is important. He is the main character. He had a red light saber. He is awesome. I like him.

Also, we went fossil pit to find some sharks teeth. I find lots of coral. That was cool.

We rode the train at 2PM. We went around 2 times. It was fun.

I got a Climbatron Robot at the gift shop. It can climb the window. He has suction cups on his feet.

Mom says we'll go back for the Halloween Spooktacular. I can't wait to write in the invisible ink.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Noah's Landing

I visited Noah's Landing with my Mom and Johnny yesterday. I saw the hedge hogs. I named one Jumpy and one Sonic. I touched Jumpy. He jumped up in the air. Sonic was a little shy. They felt prickly but it didn't hurt. I got to hold Jumpy. He jumped in my hand. It hurt a bit.

I got to touch an alligator. He had an extra pair of goggles behind his eyes to help him see in the water. I thought his throat looked like a bunch of tiles. He mouth looked like he didn't have a throat. Ms. Carie explaned that was to keep water out.

I saw the bench. It was cool. I liked the blue snake bench and the yellow snake bench. I took a picture with Johnny on the blue snake bench. Johnny did not want to go on the yellow snake bench.

I saw an orange kitty in the tortoises yard. He was really friendly, and he laid down beside me. I got to pet his tummy. He's a nice kitty.

I saw Wilbur the pig in the farmhouse. He was really friendly. He was Wilbur the pig. He kept touching my Mom's leg with his cold, wet nose. He was nice and silly.

I got to hold a chinchilla too. It was really soft.

I got to touch a opossum too. He was really gentle and soft.

I liked the farmyard house. There was a sloth in there too and a really tiny different opossum that I got to hold. It was a short-tailed opossum. I liked the short-tailed opossum.

I really liked Noah's Landing zoo. It was fun. I hope we can go there another time.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Peace at Last

Blazie locked us up in the crate. She had peace at last. She didn't have to worry because Mom was still there. Blazie got whatever she wanted after that. Then she she locked Mom in the crate. Not really. I got to hold a real milkbone in my mouth. Blazie forced me. Then she ate it. She said that was a really nice day. Peace at last.

I was in the crate because it was a silly photo. My Mom didn't really get locked in the crate. I just made a story about it because it seemed interesting. Mom said she wanted the photo for a contest. That's why she made me hold the milkbone in my mouth and wear the dog collar. At least I brushed my teeth after that.

Durham Bulls

Wool E. Bulls webpage

I got to go see a Durham Bulls game with Uncle Joe and Aunt Debbie. I've been there two times. I saw fireworks. My mom bought me a hat. I saw Sponge Bob. I saw Wool E. Bull. I saw a friendly blue monster with a big tummy. I hugged him. He feeled soft. He gave me a hug back. He's a really cute monster.

I got to help the YMCA with a special dance. Wool E. Bull was up there. All the kids were trying to catch his tail. It was funny. A little girl caught it and then she pulled Wool E. Bull almost off the stage. He snorted at her. It was silly. I flipped my new hat up in the air. I almost fell off the stage, but I got it.

We saw Patrick up on the big screen with his big belly too. He had big, big, big starfish pants.

We saw the Chick-fil-A cow. We saw Mrs. Cow and Baker Cow and Red Cow and the normal Chick-fil-A cow.

We saw Wool E. Bull on his gocart. Wool E. almost fell out of the cart but good thing there was a landing pad for him. He scraped off into the garage from his gocart. He thew balls at us, but I didn't catch one, though.

We won the whole entire game. It was 5-1 at the end. The Bulls got 5. They won. And, every time they said "Let's Go Bulls!" it was really fun. The Bulls kept on hitting the ball whenever we cheered.

I want to go again soon!