Monday, September 7, 2009

Noah's Landing

I visited Noah's Landing with my Mom and Johnny yesterday. I saw the hedge hogs. I named one Jumpy and one Sonic. I touched Jumpy. He jumped up in the air. Sonic was a little shy. They felt prickly but it didn't hurt. I got to hold Jumpy. He jumped in my hand. It hurt a bit.

I got to touch an alligator. He had an extra pair of goggles behind his eyes to help him see in the water. I thought his throat looked like a bunch of tiles. He mouth looked like he didn't have a throat. Ms. Carie explaned that was to keep water out.

I saw the bench. It was cool. I liked the blue snake bench and the yellow snake bench. I took a picture with Johnny on the blue snake bench. Johnny did not want to go on the yellow snake bench.

I saw an orange kitty in the tortoises yard. He was really friendly, and he laid down beside me. I got to pet his tummy. He's a nice kitty.

I saw Wilbur the pig in the farmhouse. He was really friendly. He was Wilbur the pig. He kept touching my Mom's leg with his cold, wet nose. He was nice and silly.

I got to hold a chinchilla too. It was really soft.

I got to touch a opossum too. He was really gentle and soft.

I liked the farmyard house. There was a sloth in there too and a really tiny different opossum that I got to hold. It was a short-tailed opossum. I liked the short-tailed opossum.

I really liked Noah's Landing zoo. It was fun. I hope we can go there another time.

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